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Side A tracks:
1. Crumbling Castle
2. Polygondwanaland
3. The Castle In The Air
4. Deserted Dunes Welcome Weary Feel

Side B tracks:
1. Inner Cell
2. Loyalty
3. Horology
4. Tetrachromacy
5. Searching…
6. The Fourth Colour

NOTE: We opened one copy, to take a photo of the label for listing purposes, as well as provide images of the stickers included. The copies we have for sale are sealed. We cannot guarantee the inclusion of the same amount & design stickers as we’ve depicted in the photos. Hype sticker on front of sleeve seal states “Includes Gator PVC Bumper Sticker”, so we’re confident you would get this sticker at a minimum.

Lithograph print is included separately to the vinyl. Approximately 30cm x 30cm in size, full colour, printed on thick card.

Black vinyl edition.

NOTE: the photos provided are of the actual vinyl album, hence the images may have some glare, shine and/or reflection on the photo of the sleeve. Rare Records takes original photos of all of their stock.

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