Mega Man™ X 1-8: The Collection

  • Vinyl 12 Inch / LP
  • RARE! - U.K. Pressing - Limited Edition - 8LP Translucent Purple And Translucent Yellow Vinyl - Boxset - 8 Picture Sleeves

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Product Description

Side A Disc 1:

1. Capcom Logo (Mega Man X)
2. Title (Mega Man X)
3. Password (Mega Man X)
4. Opening Stage (Mega Man X)
5. Vile 1 (Mega Man X)
6. Vile 2 (Mega Man X)
7. Zero (Mega Man X)
8. Cutscene (Mega Man X)
9. Stage Select 1 (Mega Man X)
10. Stage Start (Mega Man X)
11. Launch Octopus Stage (Mega Man X)
12. Chill Penguin Stage (Mega Man X)
13. Flame Mammoth Stage (Mega Man X)
14. Boomer Kuwanger Stage (Mega Man X)
15. Sting Chameleon Stage (Mega Man X)

Side B Disc 1:

1. Spark Mandrill Stage (Mega Man X)
2. Storm Eagle Stage (Mega Man X)
3. Armored Armadillo Stage (Mega Man X)
4. Boss 1 (Mega Man X)
5. Boss 2 (Mega Man X)
6. Stage Complete (Mega Man X)
7. You Got A New Weapon (Mega Man X)
8. Stage Select 2 (Mega Man X)
9. Sigma Stage 1 (Mega Man X)
10. Sigma Stage 2 (Mega Man X)
11. Sigma Stage 3 (Mega Man X)
12. Sigma Stage 4 (Mega Man X)
13. Sigma 1 (Mega Man X)
14. Sigma Rebirth (Mega Man X)
15. Sigma 2 (Mega Man X)
16. Dr. Light Capsule (Mega Man X)

Side A Disc 2:

1. Ending (Mega Man X)
2. Cast Roll (Mega Man X)
3. Staff Credits (Mega Man X)
4. Opening Theme (Mega Man X2)
5. Title (Mega Man X2)
6. Password (Mega Man X2)
7. Opening Stage (Mega Man X2)
8. Sub-Boss 1 (Mega Man X2)
9. Sub-Boss 2 (Mega Man X2)
10. Cutscene (Mega Man X2)
11. Stage Select 1 (Mega Man X2)
12. Stage Start (Mega Man X2)
13. Wire Sponge Stage (Mega Man X2)
14. Morph Moth Stage (Mega Man X2)
15. Flame Stag Stage (Mega Man X2)
16. Magna Centipede Stage (Mega Man X2)

Side B Disc 2:

1. Overdrive Ostrich Stage (Mega Man X2)
2. Bubble Crab Stage (Mega Man X2)
3. Wheel Gator Stage (Mega Man X2)
4. Crystal Snail Stage (Mega Man X2)
5. Boss 1 (Mega Man X2)
6. Boss 2 (Mega Man X2)
7. Stage Complete (Mega Man X2)
8. You Got A New Weapon (Mega Man X2)
9. Laboratory (Mega Man X2)
10. Stage Select 2 (Mega Man X2)
11. X-Hunter Stage 1 (Mega Man X2)
12. X-Hunter Stage 2 (Mega Man X2)
13. Zero (Mega Man X2)
14. Sigma 1 (Mega Man X2)
15. Sigma 2 (Mega Man X2)
16. Dr. Light Capsule (Mega Man X2)
17. Ending (Mega Man X2)
18. Staff Credits (Mega Man X2)

Side A Disc 3:

1. Opening Theme (Mega Man X3)
2. Title (Mega Man X3)
3. Password (Mega Man X3)
4. Opening Stage (Mega Man X3)
5. Zero (Mega Man X3)
6. Stage Select (Mega Man X3)
7. Stage Start (Mega Man X3)
8. Blast Hornet Stage (Mega Man X3)
9. Blizzard Buffalo Stage (Mega Man X3)
10. Gravity Beetle Stage (Mega Man X3)
11. Toxic Seahorse Stage (Mega Man X3)
12. Volt Catfish Stage (Mega Man X3)
13. Crush Crawfish Stage (Mega Man X3)
14. Tunnel Rhino Stage (Mega Man X3)
15. Neon Tiger Stage (Mega Man X3)

Side B Disc 3:

1. Vile Stage (Mega Man X3)
2. Boss 1 (Mega Man X3)
3. Boss 2 (Mega Man X3)
4. Stage Complete (Mega Man X3)
5. You Got A New Weapon (Mega Man X3)
6. Laboratory (Mega Man X3)
7. Stage Select 2 (Mega Man X3)
8. Doppler Stage 1 (Mega Man X3)
9. Doppler Stage 2 (Mega Man X3)
10. Doppler Stage Boss (Mega Man X3)
11. Sigma 1 (Mega Man X3)
12. Sigma 2 (Mega Man X3)
13. Doppler Cutscene (Mega Man X3)
14. Dr. Light Capsule (Mega Man X3)
15. Ending (Mega Man X3)
16. Cast Roll (Mega Man X3)

Side A Disc 4:

1. Title (Mega Man X4)
2. Player Select (Mega Man X4)
3. Stage Select (Mega Man X4)
4. Opening Stage (X) (Mega Man X4)
5. Opening Stage (Zero) (Mega Man X4)
6. Eregion (Mega Man X4)
7. Stage Start (Mega Man X4)
8. Web Spider Stage (Mega Man X4)
9. Cyber Peacock Stage (Mega Man X4)
10. Storm Owl Stage (Mega Man X4)
11. Magma Dragoon Stage (Mega Man X4)
12. Jet Stingray Stage (Mega Man X4)

Side B Disc 4:

1. Split Mushroom Stage (Mega Man X4)
2. Slash Beast Stage (Mega Man X4)
3. Frost Walrus Stage 1 (Mega Man X4)
4. Frost Walrus Stage 2 (Mega Man X4)
5. Boss Theme (Mega Man X4)
6. Stage Complete (X) (Mega Man X4)
7. Stage Complete (Zero) (Mega Man X4)
8. You Got A New Weapon (Mega Man X4)
9. Space Port Stage (Mega Man X4)
10. Colonel & General (Mega Man X4)
11. Final We6apon Stage (Mega Man X4)

Side A Disc 5:

1. Double (Mega Man X4)
2. Iris (Mega Man X4)
3. Sigma 1 (Mega Man X4)
4. Sigma 2 (Mega Man X4)
5. Dr. Light Capsule (Mega Man X4)
6. Cutscene 1 (Mega Man X4)
7. Cutscene 2 (Mega Man X4)
8. Sigma Cutscene (Mega Man X4)
9. Independence (Mega Man X4)
10. Double’s Betrayal (Mega Man X4)
11. Ending (X) (Mega Man X4)
12. Memories Of The Past 1 (Mega Man X4)
13. Colonel Vs. Zero (Mega Man X4)
14. Zero’s Past (Mega Man X4)
15. Ending (Zero) (Mega Man X4)
16. Mega Man X4 Opening (Mega Man X4)
17. Mega Man X4 Staff Credits (Mega Man X4)

Side B Disc 5:

1. Mega Man X5 Opening Theme (Mega Man X5)
2. Character Select (Mega Man X5)
3. Opening Stage (X) (Mega Man X5)
4. Opening Stage (Zero) (Mega Man X5)
5. Stage Select 1 (Mega Man X5)
6. Stage Start (Mega Man X5)
7. Crescent Grizzly Stage (Mega Man X5)
8. Volt Kraken Stage (Mega Man X5)
9. Shining Firefly Stage (Mega Man X5)
10. Tidal Whale Stage (Mega Man X5)
11. Dr. Light Capsule (Mega Man X5)

Side A Disc 6:

1. Spiral Pegasus Stage (Mega Man X5)
2. Spike Rosered Stage (Mega Man X5)
3. Dark Necrobat Stage (Mega Man X5)
4. Burn Dinorex Stage (Mega Man X5)
5. Boss Theme (Mega Man X5)
6. Stage Complete (X) (Mega Man X5)
7. Stage Complete (Zero) (Mega Man X5)
8. Mission Report (Mega Man X5)
9. Dynamo (Mega Man X5)
10. Zero Stage 1 (Mega Man X5)

Side B Disc 6:

1. Shadow Devil (Mega Man X5)
2. Rangda Bangda W (Mega Man X5)
3. Zero Stage 2 (Mega Man X5)
4. X Vs. Zero (Mega Man X5)
5. Sigma 1 (Mega Man X5)
6. Sigma 2 (Mega Man X5)
7. Death Of Zero (Mega Man X5)
8. Mega Man X5 Ending Theme (Mega Man X5)

Side A Disc 7:

1. D-1000 (Mega Man X6)
2. Stage Select (Mega Man X6)
3. Stage Start (Mega Man X6) (Mega Man X6)
4. Commander Yammark Stage (Mega Man X6)
5. Rainy Turtloid Stage (Mega Man X6)
6. Shield Sheldon Stage (Mega Man X6)
7. Blizzard Wolfgang Stage (Mega Man X6)
8. Blaze Heatnix Stage (Mega Man X6)
9. Infinity Mijinion Stage (Mega Man X6)
10. Dr. Light Capsule (Mega Man X6)

Side B Disc 7:

1. Metal Shark Player Stage (Mega Man X6)
2. Ground Scaravich Stage (Mega Man X6)
3. Boss Theme (Mega Man X6)
4. Stage Complete (X) (Mega Man X6)
5. Stage Complete (Zero) (Mega Man X6)
6. Mission Report (Mega Man X6)
7. Gate’s Laboratory (Mega Man X6)
8. High Max (Mega Man X6)
9. Gate (Mega Man X6)
10. Sigma 1 (Mega Man X6)
11. Sigma 2 (Mega Man X6)
12. Alia & Gate (Mega Man X6)
13. Zero (Mega Man X6)

Side A Disc 8:

1. No Holdin’ Back – Mega Man X7 Cutscene (Mega Man X7)
2. Conflict – Escape Stage (Mega Man X7)
3. Underground – Tunnel Base Stage (Mega Man X7)
4. Naval Battle – Battleship Stage (Mega Man X7)
5. Ruins ‘N’ Vines – Deep Forest Stage (Mega Man X7)
6. Cyber Geometry – Cyber Field Stage (Mega Man X7)
7. Result (Mega Man X7)
8. Our Blood Boils – Vs. Sigma 1st (Mega Man X7)
9. Conclusion – Vs. Sigma Final (Mega Man X7)
10. Rookie Punk – Axl’s Theme (Mega Man X7)

Side B Disc 8:

1. Theme Of Mega Man X8 (Mega Man X8)
2. Stage Start (Mega Man X8)
3. Troia Base – Passage (Mega Man X8)
4. Troia Base – Progress (Mega Man X8)
5. Booster Forest (Mega Man X8)
6. Booster Forest – Ride Armor (Cyclops) (Mega Man X8)
7. Vs. Maverick Boss (Mega Man X8)
8. Vs. Vile (Mega Man X8)
9. Vs. Lumine – Second Form (Mega Man X8)
10. Paradise Lost (Mega Man X8)
11. Save & Load (Mega Man X8)
12. Ending (Mega Man X8)

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