Klute (Original Soundtrack Score)

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Side A Tracks:

1. The Tape (Main Title)
2. Rooftop Intruder
3. Love Theme
4. Goldfarb’s Fantasy
5. Checking Leads
6. Lounge Music
7. Old Friends
8. Bree’s Abandon (Take It Higher)
9. Street Market / Love Scene

Side B Tracks:

1. Club Scene
2. The Watcher
3. Love Montage
4. Alone In The Night
5. Bree Flees John
6. Righteous
7. Waiting In The Loft
8. Cable’s End
9. Leaving The City (End Title)

Signed by Jane Fonda at the Sofitel Hotel, Melbourne 2018.
Signed by Donald Sutherland in London in 2001.

This is a 100% authentic, hand signed piece by the above mentioned artists. We do not sell pre printed or illegitimate signed items.

A certificate of authenticity will be provided with the sale of this item.

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