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Record One Side A Tracks:
1. Tears In Their Eyes (digital) (Joy Division)
2. Tears In Their Eyes (glass) (Joy Division)

Record One Side B Tracks:
1. The Durutti Column (no communication) (Joy Division)
2. The Durutti Column (thin ice) (Joy Division)

Record Two Side A Tracks:
1. John Dowie (acne) (Cabaret Voltaire)
2. John Dowie (idiot) (Cabaret Voltaire)
3. John Dowie (Hitler’s liver) (Cabaret Voltaire)

Record Two Side B Tracks:
1. Lips Of Sulphur (Baader-Meinhoff) (Cabaret Voltaire)
2. Lips Of Sulphur (sex in secret) (Cabaret Voltaire)


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