20 Golden Pieces Of Jimi Hendrix

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Side A Tracks:

1. You Got Me Running
2. Money
3. Let’sGo,Let’sGo,Let’sGo
4. You Got What It Takes
5. Sweet Little Angel
6. Walkin’ The Dog
7. There Is Something On Your Mind
8. Hard Night
9. Hush Now
10. Knock Yourself Out

Side B Tracks:

1. Ballad Of Jimi
2. No Business
3. Gotta Have A New Dress
4. Don’t Accuse Me
5. Flashing
6. Hang On Sloopy
7. Twist And Shout
8. Bo Diddley
9. Tutti Frutti
10. Lucille

Please note: there is heavy fogging on the vinyl but this does not affect play. If not for the fogging effect the vinyl would be graded NM.

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