The Great Rock N Roll Swindle

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  • Vinyl 12 Inch / LP
  • RARE! Original Mis-print Pressing With different Cover - Double Vinyl - Gatefold Sleeve - Contains Insert And Inner Sleeve
  • Label: - VD 2510
  • Made in:
  • Released:
  • Media quality: Excellent
  • Package quality: Excellent

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Product Description

This mega rare copy has 2 codes, VD2510 and MX194214. Also has the incorrect track listing on the cover so the record company have included an insert with what is meant to be the correct track listing but this is also incorrect, so is the label track listing. This very rare Australian version has a completely different order on the actual record and different versions of Road Runner, Lonely Boy, You Need Hands, God Save The Queen Symphony and Black Arabs.
I have only ever seen one other for sale.

Record One Side A Tracks:
1. God Save The Queen”
2. Johnny B. Goode”
3. Road Runner”
4. Black Arabs”
5. Anarchy In The U.K.

Record One Side B Tracks:
1. Substitute”
2. Don’t Give Me No Lip Child”
3. (I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone”
4. L’Anarchie Pour Le U.K.
5. Belsen Was A Gas”

Record Two Side A Tracks:
1. Silly Thing”
2. My Way”
3. I Wanna Be Me”
4. Something Else”
5. Rock Around The Clock”
6. Lonely Boy”
7. No One Is Innocent”

Record Two Side B Tracks:
1. C’Mon Everybody”
2. E.M.I”
3. The Great Rock’N’Roll Swindle”
4. Friggin In The Riggin”
5. You Need Hands”
6. Who Killed Bambi”

PLEASE NOTE: In the first image (front cover) it may look like there is a tear or a mark in the top right of the cover but there is not, it is just in the image. the cover is perfect in that area.


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