The Crow: Salvation

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Record One Side A Tracks:
1. The Best Things (Filter)
2. Living Dead Girl (Rob Zombie) (Naked Exorcism mix)
3. Bad Brother (The Infidels featuring Juliette Lewis)
4. Warm Winter (Kid Rock)

Record One Side B Tracks:
1. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue(Hole)
2. What You Want (The Flys)
3. Big God (Monster Magnet)
4. Painful (Sin)

Record Two Side A Tracks:
1. Antihistamine (Tricky)
2. Independent Slaves (Days Of The New)
3. Everything Sucks (Again) (Pitchshifter)
4. Waking Up Beside You (remix) (Stabbing Westward)

Record Two Side B Tracks:
1. Now Is The Time (The Crystal Method Millenium mix) (The Crystal Method)
2. Burning Inside (Static X featuring Burton C. Bell of Fear Factory)
3. Rusted Wings (New American Shame)
4. UnderBELLY Of The Beast (Danzig)


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