Great Truckin’ Songs Of The Renaissance

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Record One Side A Tracks:
1. I’m Interested In Apathy
2. Saturday Night Palsy
3. The Mystery Of The Artist Explained
4. If You’re Creative, Get Stuffed
5. 4 Years – Then Death
6. Anarchy Means Crossing When It Say Don’t Walk

Record One Side B Tracks:
1. The Ballad Of John Bonhams Coke Roadie
2. Choose Bad Smack
3. The Fosters Car Park Boogie
4. Martin Scorsese Is Really Quite A Jovial Fellow
5. I Drive A Truck
6. Defecate On My Face

Record Two Side A Tracks:
1. Kill Americans
2. Volare
3. The Penis Is Mightier Than The Sword
4. I Shit Me
5. Doug Parkinson Sings Christie Allen
6. Gimme Gimme Nervous Breakdown

Record Two Side B Tracks:
1. The Ballad Of The Semetic Nazi
2. And The Ass Said To The Angel: Wanna Play Kick To Kick?
3. The Mordialloc Rd. Duplicator
4. Jack Elliot’s Turf Whinge
5. Ezra Pound-Axe King
6. Johnny To B. Or Not To B. Goode
7. Morisson Hostel


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