Bread: The Edible Napkin

  • Vinyl 12 Inch / LP
  • Double Vinyl - Die Cut Sleeves - Click On Title To See Songs And Artists Featured

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Record One Side A Tracks:
1. Floor (Hot Water Music)
2. Who Are You? (Floor)
3. Daddy’s Got A Problem (No Empathy)
4. Achiever 9 (Ash County Sluggers)
5. Eggshells (Brutal Truth)
6. Bag (Christie Front Drive)
7. Wounded (Cavity)
8. Anthem For The Youth (Pung)

Record One Side B Tracks:
1. Strap Me Down (V-Card)
2. The Pessimist (Floodgate)
3. Corporate Takeover (Against All Authority)
4. Double Negative (Serpico)
5. Let’s Get In A Fistfight (Elmer)
6. Sinister Acts In Bright Sunshine (Gus (Canada))
7. Friendly Fire (Moonraker)
8. Calling For Me (The Bruce Lee Band)

Record Two Side A Tracks:
1. Sloth (Horace Pinker)
2. Generis (Car Vs. Driver)
3. Inbred America (Locust)
4. Lonliness Equals Coldness (Hope Springs Eternal)
5. Stupid Heavy Metal 2 – Restriction (Jack With Killer)
6. Lonnie (King Friday)
7. Katy Cat (Braid)
8. No One Gets Through (The Lisa Killers)
9. Jack (Rhythm Collision)

Record Two Side B Tracks:
1. Soar (Sideshow)
2. $13,000 Is A Lot Of Food (Skankin’ Pickle)
3. Furioso Zapping (Crunch)
4. Sunstroke (Threadbare)
5. Doozer La, Doozer Do (The End Of The Century Party)
6. Someone Stole My Bike (Still Life)
7. White People In The Park (Bombs Of Cheese)


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