‘Punk Bites 2’ Album Poster

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Full Colour, Glossy, Approx. 15 1/2″ x 20 1/2″ In Size. Has ‘Punk Bites’ Title And Album Art. Also Has List Of Artists (Logos) Appearing On The Compilation Album, Featuring ‘NOFX’, ‘Straight Faced’, ‘Quincy Punx’, Slick Shoes’, ‘Whitekaps’, ‘Apocalypse Hobroken’, ‘Chuck’, ‘MXPX’, ‘Discount’, ‘Pulley’, ‘Boredom’, ‘The Drapes’, ‘Krhissy’, ‘Bickley’, ‘Bigwig’, ‘Sam The Butcher’, ‘Dynamite Boy’, ‘The Crowd’, ‘Gob’, ‘AJB’, ’30 Foot Fall’, ‘Whippersnapper’, ‘Horace Pinker’, 98 Mute’, ‘Backside’, ‘The Outside’, ‘Strung Out’ And ‘Bickley’. 1997

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