Madrid x Labyrinth Decks

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Madrid Skateboards continues to celebrate our love affair with the ’80s through a new collaboration featuring images from the epic sci-fi fantasy film Labyrinth staring the legendary David Bowie. These boards are handcrafted in Madrid’s Huntington Beach factory and officially licensed by The Jim Henson Company.
Grab one today to skate or hang on the wall to show your love for this classic film!

7-Ply Maple

Please note: Sets exclude the 9.5″ Marty poster deck.

Please note: This is a pre order. Stock will arrive some time in September 2021 and will be sent out accordingly. Update: these will now be available on the 30th of October. Unfortunately more delays with manufacturing and shipping from the U.S.

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Marty Poster 9.5", Black Poster 8", Black Poster 8.25", Black Poster 8.5", Goblin King 8", Goblin King 8.25", Goblin King 8.5", Goblin Army 8", Goblin Army 8.25", Goblin Army 8.5", Friends 8", Friends 8.25", Friends 8.5", Sarah 8", Sarah 8.25", Sarah 8.5", Labyrinth Textured Logo 8", Labyrinth Textured Logo 8.25", Labyrinth Textured Logo 8.5", Set Of Six 8", Set Of Six 8.25", Set Of Six 8.5"