TV Week – 5th June 1982 – Cop Shop’s Roy Baker On Cover

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Features Cop Shop’s Roy Baker on the cover, along with an article inside.

Also features articles on Dallas, Joan Collins, Sons & Daughters, General Hospital, Shirl’s Neighbourhood, Fawlty Towers, A Country Practice, Grace Jones, Sophia Loren, and more.

Includes a two-page full colour pin-up poster of Human League. (Photo scan provided of one of the two pages that feature the pin-up.)

80 pages; approximately 28cm x 20cm in size.

This magazine has been stored immediately upon original purchase, not used. This means that the magazine is excellent to near-mint condition. Note that the spine has slightly rolled in due to quality of stapling that occured on TV Weeks from this era (quite common and near-on unpreventable). Very rare to come across the magazine in this condition!


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