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1. I Like It Like That (EP Version)
2. Couldn’t Do It (EP Version)
3. Track 1 (EP Version)
4. Blubber Boy (EP Version)
5. FSO (EP Version)
6. Kong Foo Sing (Single Version)
7. Miffy’s Simplicity (Single Version)
8. Everyday Formula (Single Version)
9. Black Bugs (Single Version)
10. Polyester Girl (Single Version)
11. Modern Life (Single Version)
12. ! (The Song Formerly Known As) (Single Version)
13. I Like Your Old Remix Better That Your New Remix (Single Version)
14. Happiness (Single Version)
15. I Wanna Be A Nudist (Single Version)
16. Freshmint (Single Version)
17. Crush The Losers (EP Version)
18. Fat Cop (Single Version)
19. Superstraight (Single Version)
20. Hullabaloo (Single Version)
21. Fuck The Goddamn World (Album Version)
22. C’mon (Album Version)

Speacial features include a bonus documentary, and more.
PAL, all regions. Running time approximately 98 minutes.

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