Mush – It Came From Under The Ground

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1. Parallel Line Line (Moler)
2. Perception Vs Truth (Verona)
3. Volume Creep Vs Nature Boy (Rail)
4. Classically Diseases (Garageland)
5. California (The Paradise Motel)
6. She Breathes In (She Breathes Out)(The Blackeyed Susans)
7. Paper Cup (Andy Mcdonell And The Sinners)
8. Something Missing (Love Me)
9. Giant (The Mavis’s)
10. So Bad It’s Good (The Fireballs)
11. In The Deep (Violetine)
12. Morning Breath (Violetine)
13. Rock & Roll Frog (The Fireballs)
14. Thunder (Demo)(The Mavis’s)
15. Rose Swing (Live)(Love Me)
16. The Twain (Andy Mcdonell And The Rhythm Whores)
17. State Trooper (Live)(Love Me)
18. If You Should Go First (The ParadiseMotel)
19. Tear It Apart (Live)(Garageland)
20. Back Of A Car (Rail)
21. At The Crevice (Verona)
22. Psuedoephedrine (Demo)(Moler)


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