Reinventing The Steel

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1. Hellbound
2. Goddamn Electric
3. Yesterday Don’t Mean Sh**
4. You’ve Got To Belong To It
5. Revolution Is My Name
6. Death Rattle
7. We’ll Grind That Axe For A Long Time
8. Uplift
9. It Makes Them Disappear
10. I’ll Cast A Shadow

There is a tour pass from the Pantera 2001 Melbourne show affixed on the inside of the jewel case on the booklet.

Signed by Vinnie, Dimebag and Rex at Festival Hall, Melbourne on the 17th of May, 2001.
If you look closely at the images provided, the signatures are slightly smudged, when this was signed both Vinnie and Dimebag put their thumbs directly on their signatures, you can make out a thumb print on both signatures.

This is a 100% authentic, hand signed piece by the above mentioned artists. We do not sell pre printed or illegitimate signed items.

A certificate of authenticity will be provided with the sale of this item.


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