Official Bootleg: The Making Of Scenes From A Memory

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  • CD Album
  • RARE! - Double CD - Jewel Case - Includes 8 Page Booklet

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CD1 – The Sessions

1.    Acoustic Guitar Outtake & Alternate Vocal Take
Overture 1928
2.    Live Alternate Take
Strange Deja Vu
3.    Writing, Basic Tracks & Vocals
Fatal Tragedy
4.    Writing, Basic Tracks & Vocals
Beyond This Life
5.    Writing, Basic Tracks & Vocals
Through Her Eyes
6.    Alternate Vocal Take & Alternate Sax Take
7.    Writing Sessions
8.    Very 1st Live Run Through Of 1st Half
The Dance Of Eternity
9.    Live Rehearsal Of Section A
10.    Writing Sessions
The Spirit Carries On
11.    Live Rehearsal Of Original Arrangement
12.    Choir Session Outtakes
13.    JP Vocal Demo
Finally Free
14.    Alternate Vocals & Outro Vamp Outtakes
15.    Original Sequencer Demo

CD2 – The Alternative Mixes

1.    Opening Scene
2.    Regression
3.    Overture 1928
4.    Strange Déjà Vu
5.    Through My Words
6.    Fatal Tragedy
7.    Beyond This Life
8.    Through Her Eyes
9.    Home
10.    The Dance Of Eternity
11.    One Last Time
12.    The Spirit Carries On
13.    Finally Free

Please note: disc 1 is EX but disc 2 is VG+

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