Bass Station

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Disc One Tracks:
1. Bad Karma (Uberdruck remix) (Organ Doners)
2. See The Light (DJ Jam X & De Leon mix) (mixed with The S.O.N. Brothers “Bass Station – The Sounds Of Now (acapella) (Dumonde)”,
3. White Bird (Cosmic Gate remix)(Vanessa Mae)
4. Next Form (Frank Vanoli)
5. De Bom 2001 (Marcel Woods)
6. Lowdown (Impegemant Syndrome)
7. The Drill (Evacuation mix) (Dirt Devils)
8. Don’t Stop (Club mix) (Dj Dean)
9. Afriad Of Us (Schwarze Puppen mix) (Russian Mafia)
10. 25.17 (2Nd Club mix) (Poeppelbaum & Helmedach)
11. Excelsis (S.H.O.K.K remix) (DJ Energy)
12. The Truth (Dj Isaac remix) (Cosmic Gate)
13. Don’t Cry (Dj Jean mix) (Presswerk)
14. Ding-a-ling (Dj Scott remix) (Yoji Biomehanika)
15. Mockmoon 2002 (Rave Allstars remix) (Genlog)
16. Time (Cherry Dee)
17. The Sounds Of Bass Station Now (Mark ‘Midi’ & Dj.A.S.O.N mix) (The S.O.N Brothers)

Disc Two Tracks:
1. Dunkelheit (Schwarze Puppen remix) (DJ Lerby)
2. Exciter (Exciter Showtek remix) (Walt Vs Zergo-gi)
3. Terminator (Survival Extended mix) (Spacefrog)
4. The Spirit (Wavetraxx mix) (Wavescope)
5. … AND Then They Start To Dance (Jamx & De Leon’s Dumonde mix) (Dj Snowman)
6. When I Rock (Club mix) (Voodoo & Serano)
7. Running (Dominator Club mix) (Dj Marc Aurel)
8. Go (Talla 2Xlc Club mix) (Trance Allstars)
9. Fly To My Arms (Tg Power mix) (Inside)
10. Shiny (Dj Kubrik)
11. Red Snapper (Jon Doe remix) (K90)
12. Final Frontier (Regneration mix) (The Disco Brothers)
13. Day Of Forever (Hard Club mix) (Brennan & Heart Presents Nightflow)
14. I Get Live (Fatboy Slim remix) (Angel One)
15. Everybody’s Free (Mike & Charlie)

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