Peaktime Vol 4: The DJ In The Mix

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  • 3CD Set - Includes Special Edition Third CD - Slimline Jewel Cases In Inserts - Comes In Slipcase

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Disc One Tracks:
1. In Love With The DJ (New Vocal Clubb Mix) (ATB)
2. Nocturnal Creatures (Jono Grant Remix) (Darren Tate)
3. Time Of Our Lives (PVD Club Mix) (Paul Van Dyk)
4. M (Van Eyden Vs. M.O.R.P.H. Remix) (AYU)
5. Surrender (Original Mix) (All grace)
6. Slipstream Feat. Airwave (Armin Van Buuren)
7. Union (1st Clubb Mix) (Farrago)
8. Requiem (Vectrex Remix) (Jushi)
9. Epic (Above & Beyond Remix) (Rusch & Murray)
10. Missing (Todd Terry Club Mix) (Everything But The Girl)
11. 9PM (Till I Come)(Sequential One Remix) (ATB)
12. Rush (Super 8 Vs. Orkidea) (Aalto)
13. Unfinished Symphony (Funaki Remix) (Woody Van Eyden)
14. Keep On Movin’ (Timeless) (Ron Van Den Beuken)
15. Twilight (Woody Van Eyden Remix) (Scott Mac)
16. Sunset Highway (Salt Lake)

Disc Two Tracks:
1. Sunset Girl (Limited Clubb Mix) (ATB)
2. Summer Sun (Blank & Jones)
3. Final Emotion (Mirco De Govia)
4. On The Run (M.O.R.P.H. Vs . Van Eyden Experience Remix) (Wellenrausch)
5. Love Stimulation (Humate)
6. Flaming Clouds (Instrumental Mix) (Alex Morph)
7. I Don’t Wanna Stop (Kenny Hayes Remix) (ATB)
8. 1998 (Ronski Speed Remix) (Binary Finary)
9. In My Dreams (M.O.R.P.H. Vs Van Eyden Remix) (2Trance)
10. Daylight (ATB Remix) (Chicane)
11. Liebe (ATB Dub Remix) (Schiller Mit Mila Mar)
12. Melodic (Starshine)
13. Lifelab (Fractals)
14. Stealing Beauty (Rapid Eye)
15. Is This Hard Enough? (Spanish Fly Mix) (Metalmaster)
16. L’Annonce Des Couleurs 2003 (Mac Zimms).
Disc Three Tracks:
1. 9 P.M. (Til I Come) (Bent mix) (ATB)
2. Enigmatic Encounter (ATB with Enigma)
3. Remember Me (ATB)
4. Get High (ATB)
5. Trilogy (ATB)
6. Everything Is Wrong (ATB)
7. We Belong (ATB)
8. First Love (ATB).

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