MWA Rock Sound Volume 49

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  • - Picture Card Sleeve - Contains Multimedia Component - Click On Title To See Artists And Songs Featured

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1. Across The Night (Silverchair)
2. Rape This Day (Tomahawk)
3. Not In Any Name (Therapy?)
4. Shopping Trolley Children (3 Colours Red)
5. Romantic Exorcism (Minus)
6. John Lee Said (Goatboy)
7. Great Romances Of The 20th Century (Taking Back Sunday)
8. Heaven Knows (Rise Against)
9. Dream To Make Believe (Armor For Sleep)
10. The Impossibility Of Reason (Chimaira)
11. Final Descent (Genocide Superstars)
12. Let’s Go To War (Murderdolls)
13. Dirt Worship (Mywar)
14. Day Of The Scorpio (Born From Pain)
15. Helicon (Live) (Mogwai)
16. Dominant View (Video) (King Prawn)


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