Music For Films III

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1. Tension Block (Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno)
2. Err (Michael Brook)
3. 4 Minute Warning (John Paul Jones)
4. For Her Atoms (Misha Mahlin and Lydia Theremin)
5. Balthus Bemused By Color (Harold Budd)
6. Theme From ‘Creation’ (Brian Eno)
7. Saint Tom (Brian Eno)
8. White Mustang (Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno)
9. Sirens (Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno)
10. Asian River (Brian Eno)
11. Zaragoza (Laraaji)
12. Quixote (Roger Eno)
13. Fleeting Smile (Roger Eno)
14. Theme From ‘Opera’ (Roger Eno & Brian Eno)
15. Kalimba (Laraaji)


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