Modern Rock Radio July 99

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1. Bodyrock (Moby)
2. Kiss My Disease (Edit) (Virgos Merlot)
3. Bump (Remix) (Kottonmouth Kings)
4. Check Your Head (Edit) (Buckcherry)
5. When Worlds Collide (Powerman 5000)
6. Smooth (Santana Feat. Rob Thomas)
7. Kyle’s Mom’s A Big Fat B**ch (Explicit Lyrics) (Joe C. Feat. Kid Rock)
8. You Wanted More (Tonic)
9. Shove It (Verse Intro) (Deftones)
10. Blister (Remix) (Jimmy Eat World)
11. Walking (ocketsize)
12. Below The Sliding Doors (Blinker The Star)
13. Pipe, The Hero (Verve)
14. Baby Got Shot (Verbena)
15. Ana’s Song (Open Fire) (Silverchair)
16. Detour (Bis)
17. Mudshovel (Staind)
18. Alright (The Lucy Nation)
19. Sugar (System Of A Down)
20. What Is Life (Shawn Mullins)
21. Problem (Remy Zero)

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