Machiavelli And The Four Seasons

  • CD Album
  • RARE! - Original Australian Pressing - Double Disc Set - Gold Disc Misprint

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Product Description

This release is supposed to have two gold discs, instead the second disc is silver. This is very rare and difficult to find.

Disc One Tracks:

1. Love You Baby
2. You And Me, Baby Love
3. Baby, I Love You
4. Love; Baby-You
5. It’s You I Love, Baby
6. In Love With You, Baby
7. Baby, Baby, Baby
8. Love, Love, Love
9. Baby Love
10. I.L.Y.B. .

Disc Two Tracks:

1. Jung Talent Time #1
2. Abscess Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
3. Dicktatorship
4. Strictly Loungeroom
5. There’s More Men In Children Than Wisdom Knows
6. Garbage
7. Junk
8. Strictly Refuse
9. Rubbish
10. Jung Talent Time #4
11. F**k ‘Em F**k ‘Em – The Lot Of ‘Em
12. If You Ever Hear His Name, Harden Not Your Arteries” ,13. Does Fame Bring Forth Madness?
14. ‘Don’t Believe The Hype’ Is Hype
15. Bash This Up Your Ginger

Please note: the back insert is graded as VG whereas the front insert and booklet are both a strong VG+ to EX

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