Lonely Just Like Me: The Final Chapter

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1. If It’s Really Got To Be This Way
2. Go Home Girl
3. Sally Sue Brown
4. All The Time
5. Lonely Just Like Me
6. Every Day I Have To Cry
7. In The Middle Of It All
8. Genie In The Jug
9. Mr. John
10. Johnny Heartbreak
11. There Is A Road
12. I Believe In Miracles
13. Introduction (Live on Fresh Air)
14. Go Home Girl (Live on Fresh Air)
15. You Kinda Want To Get Paid (Live on Fresh Air)
16. Genie In The Jug (Live on Fresh Air)
17. I Think That’s How They Heard Me (Live on Fresh Air)
18. You Better Move On (Live on Fresh Air)
19. I Started In Church (Live on Fresh Air)
20. Every Day I Have To Cry
21. Solitary Man (Demo)
22. Johnny Heartbreak (Demo)
23. Genie In The Jug (Demo)
24. Lonely Just Like Me (Demo)
25. Anna (Live at the Bottom Line)

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