Kickin’ Hard 4 – Mixed By Alex K Vs Ajax (Hard Kandy)

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Disc One Tracks:
1. I’ll Be There (NRG Mix) (Alex K)
2. Minblower (Mass Medium)
3. Can’t Feel My Feet (Dave Austin)
4. Zombie Nation (Alex K Mix) (Kernkraft 400)
5. I Can’t Feel It (DJ Nrgize)
6. I Can’t Handle It (Alex K Mix) (The Underdog Project)
7. Temper (DJ Innovator)
8. Horny Hornz (Klub Killerz)
9. Set U Free (K System)
10. Dirty Bonnie (Voltswagen)
11. Be There (Lisa Pin-Up Mix) (Carlotta Chadwick)
12. Go DJ! (Plus 8)
13. The Journey (original mix) (Junkfood Junkies)
14. Instant Momentum (Alex K)
15. The Music Turns Me On (Ladadi Ladada) (original) (Bass Bumpers)
16. Follow The Sun (Europa)
17. Good Time (Peran)

Disc Two Tracks:
1. Be As One (Ajax Vs Krash’s Hard Candy remix) (Amen)
2. Loaded With X (Skitx clubb mix) (X-Man)
3. Excalibur 2001 (balloon remix) (Nick Skitz)
4. Scratchin’ (…My Choice) (Dons Vs Oh Gee Mix) (Fullhouse)
5. Superquicktempo (original mix) (KCB)
6. What A Rush (original mix) (Kris & Sy)
7. Mosquito (original mix) (Groove Collector)
8. Feel The Panic (Rachel Auburn)
9. Close Attention (Stimulant DJ’s remix) (The Phatt Controller)
10. The Tipster (original mix) (D.S.P.)
11. Game Over (Rachel Auburn mix) (Club Caviar)


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