Hells Headbangers / Deathgasm

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1. Sodomy In The Womb Of Paradise (Manticore)
2. Final Hour Of Christ (Havohej)
3. Fight Like The Devil (Destruktor)
4. Dreams Of Filth (Kuru)
5. Raid The Convent (Nunslaughter)
6. Occult Obsession (Cult Of Daath)
7. Reap The Nuclear Whirlwind (Victimizer)
8. The Old Cross (Hyperion)
9. Evoked Or Not Evil Will Come (Church Bizarre)
10. Sacrifice (Crimson Massacre)
11. Foldback Attack (Trench Hell)
12. And Dust Again We Shall Be (Atomizer)
13. Shadows In Midark (Azure)
14. The Immortal Strife (Dead Conspiracy)
15. You Can Stab Him In The Head, Just Don’t Forget Your Money (Amoebic Dysentery)
16. What If The Dead Body Was Drunk (Amoebic Dysentery)
17. Forced Inside Your Church (Evil Incarnate)
18. Dead To The World (Toxic Holocaust)
19. Kill Upon Command (Crucified Mortals)
20. Pure Hatred (Semargl)
21. The Church Of Horror (Spawn Of Satan)
22. Hidden Constellation (Quinta Essentia)

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