Grow Your Own 9

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1. Dear Diary (Redstar)
2. Ritetyme (Hypersonic)
3. Did (The Grand Silent System)
4. Names (Dion Jones & The Filth)
5. Summers Ended (Sons Of Swain)
6. About You (Roll On Effect)
7. Lo Fi (Me The Conqueror)
8. Schweinhund (The Ross Orbit Stack)
9. On The Park (Strobe)
10. Try And Believe (Overpass)
11. Objects (Speedball)
12. Sleep Here (Neo)
13. Are You Well? (Doug Sandrini)
14. Tell Me Why (Alicia Wall)
15. Covering Me? (Nixin)
16. Porn Star (Splashmat)
17. Tribute To Disco (The Floors)
18. Lunatic (Ask Bob)
19. 3 Parts Coma (Evan Alexander)
20. Am I Worth It (Saikrett)
21. Tears In Your Eyes (Luke Koteras)


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