Grow Your Own 10

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1. Unmanned Canyon (The Charles Manson Experiment)
2. Jet Set (Land Speed Record
3. Fake It (Lyceum)
4. Marryanne (Junior)
5. My Addiction (The Honey Palace)
6. Indochine (Peepshow Nouveau)
7. Uber Thing (The Archie Wah Wahs)
8. Girls In The City (The Voyuers)
9. Radiate (Doug Sandrini)
10. Superman (Foreshore)
11. Though You’d Like To Know (Driving South)
12. Livin’ This Low (The Devil Rock Four)
13. The Last Word (Sculptors Mode)
14. Natures Silence (emocean)
15. World Can’t Touch Me (Fighterpilot)
16. 12inch Love (Studiola)
17. Pretender’s Deeds (Fervent)
18. Spoon (Vegas Baby)
19. Patterns (The Metronical)
20. Pink Shattered Mirror (The Jane Does)
21. Borrowed (The Floors).

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