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1. Crush ‘Em (Ben Grosse mix) (Megadeth)
2. Creepy Green Light (Type O Negative)
3. Sick (edit) (Dope)
4. Switchback (edit) (Biohazard)
5. Oasis (edit) (Puya)
6. Play God (Speak No Evil)
7. From This Day (edit) (Machine Head)
8. No Heroes (Loudmouth)
9. Simon Says (Drain STH)
10. Omega Son (Soulmotor)
11. Unknown Rider (edit) (Second Coming)
12. Tattooed Bruise (DoubleDrive)
13. Still After You (Earth To Andy)
14. Mia (Chevelle)
15. Stain (Full Devil Jacket)
16. Sugar (edit) (System Of A Down)
17. Baby Got Shot (Verbena)
18. Question Of Reality (Apartment 26)
19. The Next Level (edit) (Bolt Upright)
20. Something (Man Scouts Of America)
21. Militant (Flashpoint)

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