Essential Rock Anthems

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Disc One Tracks:
1. Gut Reaction (Ian Gillan)
2. Ace Of Spades (Motorhead)
3. Tangerine (Vixen)
4. Nuclear Attack (Gary Moore)
5. When The Good Time Comes (Hard Rain)
6. Tragedy (Hanoi Rocks)
7. S.O.S. (Alaska)
8. Heartline (Robin George)
9. Don’t Wait Up (Thunder)
10. Bring The Noise (Anthrax)
11. Do You Understand? (The Almighty)
12. Welcome To Hell (Venom)
13. Drive By Shooting (GZR)
14. Silver Machine (Hawkind)”,
Disc Two Tracks:
1. Paranoid (Black Sabbath)
2. Brutal Planet (Alice Cooper)
3. The Wizard (Uriah Heep)
4. Race With The Devil (Girlschool)
5. Sacred Hour (Magnum)
6. All Roads Lead To You (Little Angels)
7. Hey You (Quireboys)
8. New State Of Mind (Yes)
9. Hair Of The Dog (Nazareth)
10. Fever Dreams (Dio)
11. Doctor Doctor (UFO)
12. Im Not Ashamed (Big Country)
13. The Hunter (Paul Rodgers)
14. Starcrossed (Lovers Of The Night) (Diamond Head)
15. Heat Of The Moment (Asia)


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