Easy Fever: A Tribute To The Easybeats And Stevie Wright

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  • CD Album
  • Double CD - Jewel Case With Front And Back Inserts - Click On Title To See Songs And Artists Featured On This Release - Sticker On Front

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Disc One Tracks:
1. Sorry (Skybombers)
2. Guitar Band (The Living End)
3. Wedding Ring (Resin Dogs)
4. Good Times (The Veronicas)
5. Women (Make You Feel Alright) (Neil Finn)
6. For My Woman (Dappled Cities)
7. She’s So Fine (Thirsty Merc)
8. Somethin’ Wrong (Dash & Will)
9. Come And See Her (The Cruel Sea)
10. I’ll Make You Happy (Faker)
11. The Music Goes Round My Head (Old Man River)
12. Sad And Lonely And Blue (Iva Davis)
13. Friday On My Mind (Ben Lee)
14. Motherfigure (Jimmy Barnes & Stevie Wright)
15. Heaven And Hell (Gyroscope)
16. St Louis (Grinspoon)
17. Black Eyed Bruiser (Children Collide)
18. Evie (Let You Hair Hang Down) (The Wrights feat. Nic Cester)
19. Evie (Evie) (The Wrights feat. Bernard Fanning)
20. Evie (I’m Losing You) (The Wrights feat. Phil Jamieson)

Disc Two Tracks:
1. For My Woman (The Easybeats)
2. She’s So Fine (The Easybeats)
3. Wedding Ring (The Easybeats)
4. Sad And Lonely And Blue (The Easybeats)
5. Women (Make You Feel Alright) (The Easybeats)
6. Come And See Her (The Easybeats)
7. Somethin’ Wrong (The Easybeats)
8. I’ll Make You Happy (The Easybeats)
9. Sorry (The Easybeats)
10. Friday On My Mind (The Easybeats)
11. Heaven And Hell (The Easybeats)
12. The Music Goes Round My Head (The Easybeats)
13. Good Times (The Easybeats)
14. St. Louis (The Easybeats)
15. Evie (Let You Hair Hang Down) (Stevie Wright)
16. Evie (Evie) (Stevie Wright)
17. Evie (I’m Losing You) (Stevie Wright)
18. Black Eyed Bruiser (Stevie Wright)
19. Guitar Band (Stevie Wright)


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