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1. No Security (Bouncing Souls)
2. Don’t Look Back (Unseen)
3. No Difference Anyway (Youth Brigade)
4. Black Heart (Pistol Grip)
5. Victoria (One Man Army)
6. Corozon de Oro (NOFX)
7. No Borders No Nations (Anti-Flag)
8. Come Back (Beltones)
9. Andy (Leatherface)
10. No Love Lost (Manifesto Jukebox)
11. Robot (Kosher)
12. Respect and Lies (Forgotten)
13. Lupe I’m Free (Manic Hispanic)
14. Hero (Sixer)
15. Killing Kind (Filthy Thievin’ Bastards)
16. Vanilla Sex (Rancid)


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