Antipodean Screams

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1. Hellbound Train (12 O’Clock Shadows)
2. Knee Jerk Reaction (The Green Circles)
3. I Guess It’s Really Gonna Hurt (Spencer P. Jones)
4. Farfisa (The Frantics)
5. Just Turn On (The International Playboys)
6. The Scrap Iron Sky (The Drones)
7. The 4th Nail (Hands Of Time)
8. Sweet Luck (M-16’s)
9. The Stranger (The Hekawis)
10. Kimberly (The Stoneage Hearts)
11. Fun (Gotta Get Some) (The Uptight)
12. Recovery Time (The Naked Eye)
13. Have You Checked Your Brakes? (Driveway Service)
14. Kooksville (The Alohas)
15. Gimmie Little Something (Asteroid B-612)
16. Pirate Lies (Ian Wettenhall)
17. She’s Got It All (Sheek The Shayk)
18. Little Town Blues (Capital City)
19. Bris Vegass (Roll Cage)
20. Sandy Harrison (Danny McDonald)
21. Train Wreck Blues (Mexico City)
22. The Whoopee-Do (Three Psycho Delmatics)
23. Action Man (The Head Set)
24. Killing Me Down (Shutdown 66)
25. I Don’t Believe (The Unheard)


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