An International Tribute To Conflict

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1. Ungovernable Force (Freebase)
2. Meat Means Murder (Statement)
3. Berkshire Cunt (Aus Rotten)
4. Mighty And Superior (Four Letter Word)
5. Neither Is This (Medulla Nocte)
6. 1824 Overture (Kismet H.C.)
7. From Protest To Resistance (Disruptive Element)
8. Exploitation (In The Shit)
9. The Serenade Is Dead (In The Shit)
10. The Arrest (Engage)
11. A Message To Who? (Sunrise)
12. Tough Shit Mickey (Silent Season)
13. Punk Innit? (Rotunda)
14. Positive Junk/The System Maintains (Human Error)
15. War Games (Egg Raid)
16. To Whom It May Concern (Nu Speak)
17. Whichever Way You Want It (Kafka)
18. Young Parasites (Wat Tyler)
19. 1824 Overture (Cracked Cop Skulls)
20. Cord Is Cut (Unique Freak)
21. No Islands Of Dreams (Kraynium)
22. This Is The A.L.F. (I Oppose Thee)
23. Mighty And Superior (Co-Exist)
24. A Piss In The Ocean (Dogshit Sandwhich)
25. Neither Is This (Driller Killer)
26. Ungovernable Farce (Cornflakes)
27. Exploitation (Litmus Green)
28. Cruise (M.T.A.)


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