20 Years Of Nuclear Blast – The Ultimate Blasting Audio Compilation!

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Disc One Tracks:
1. Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse (Dimmu Borgir)
2. One By One (Immortal)
3. Scrutinized (Hypocrisy)
4. The Glorious Dead (Gorefest)
5. Manipulator Of Souls (Kataklysm)
6. I Bow To None (Bendiction)
7. Shrunken And Mumified Bitch (Pungent Stench)
8. Sanctus Perversum (Belphegor)
9. The Language Of Shadows (Nile)
10. Scavenger Of Human Sorrow (Death)
11. Assassin Squad (Malevolent Creation)
12. The Butcher Strikes Back (Destruction)
13. Cities Of The Dead (Dew-Scented)
14. Legions Unleashed (Graveworm)
15. Riot Act (Exodus)
16. The Devil Incarnate (Death Angel)
17. Warriors (I)

Disc Two Tracks:
1. Psychic Suicide (Sonic Syndicate)
2. The Price We Pay (Clawfinger)
3. Only For the Weak (In Flames)
4. Future Breed Machine (Meshuggah)
5. Exile (Soilwork)
6. Project Hoax (The Destiny Program)
7. The Illusionist (Scar Symmetry)
8. Counterbalance (Threat Signal)
9. Ghost (Mnemic)
10. Destroy (Ektomorf)
11. Warriors (Agnostic Front)
12. Eradication (All Shall Perish)
13. God In The Frame (Bleed The Sky)
14. Solitary Confinement (Darkane)
15. Trust Is Overrated (The Duskfall)
16. So Grim, So True, So Real (One Man Army & The Undead Quartet)
17. Hate Me1 (Children Of Bodom)
18. Winter Madness (Wintersun )

Disc Three Tracks:
1. Hammerfall (Hammerfall)
2. New Protection (Ride The Sky)
3. King Of Fools (Edguy)
4. The New Order (Blind Guardian)
5. Caleb (Sonata Arctica)
6. Master Of Illusion (Gotthard)
7. Full Moon (Rage)
8. Valhalla (Grave Digger)
9. Immortal (Helloween)
10. Why Are We Here (Stratovarius)
11. Before The Skies Comes Down (Tarot)
12. Face In The Mirror (Thunderstone)
13. Conspiracy In Mind (Communic)
14. Slipstream (Threshold)
15. Of Stars And Smoke (Candlemass)
16. Corpsecycle (Cathedral)

Disc Four Tracks:
1. Transitory (After Forever)
2. Complicate It (Tapping The Vein)
3. Never Enough (Epica)
4. Voices In A Dream (Echoes Of Eternity)
5. The Other Side (Sirenia)
6. Greatest Fight On Earth (Deathstars)
7. Valkyrie’s New Ride (Samael)
8. In The Name Of The Future (The Kovenant)
9. The White Swan (Amorphis)
10. Der Mitternachtslowe (Therion)
11. Revolution (Crematory)
12. For The World To Sing (Farmer Boys)
13. Addiction Pole (Pyogenesis)
14. Ordinary Life (Liquido)
15. Serial Killer (Chrome Division)
16. Riders On the Storm – Die Apokalyptischen Reiter)
17. Meine Seele Brennt (Subway To Sally)
18. Wir Werden Alle Sterben (Knorkator)
19. Mission Erfullt (Such A Surge)


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